University Offenses

Kate will help parents and loved ones of University of Delaware students, who may not live close by, understand the Delaware courts and legal process so that your student’s academic career is uninterrupted and their future is secure.  

If you have a child or loved one who is enrolled as a student at the University of Delaware, he or she may become involved in a criminal or civil matter.  It is important that you have the advice and expertise of a local attorney who knows the law and practices to help your family understand the legal repercussions they may be facing. 

The University of Delaware is an institution of undergraduate and graduate education situated in Newark, Delaware.  It is a public institution but is attended by students from nearby regionally (New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania) and also many residents of Delaware.  Newark, Delaware is a town of 33,448 people.  The majority of the residents of Newark are students at the University of Delaware.  The University is commonly called “UD” and is represented by its mascot, the fightin’ Blue Hens. 

UD (or YouDee, as it’s sometimes written) has a population of 18,707 undergraduate and 4,586 graduate students (according to 2021-2022 school year’s statistical data).  University of Delaware is unique in that it is large enough to have its own police department, the University of Delaware Police Department.  Because many students live in off-campus housing, the Newark Police Department also has jurisdiction over many of the people connected to the University.  Situated in New Castle County, it is also potentially subject to thejurisdiction of New Castle County Police Department and of the Delaware State Police.  As a result, students must abide not only by the code of conduct and rules of the University, but also by the laws of Newark Delaware, the County of New Castle, and the State of Delaware.

Most often, police become involved in activities at the University of Delaware because of parties and events that occur either on or off campus.  Often police involvement arises because of allegations of unreasonably loud noise or underage drinking.  In some cases, off-campus parties are alleged to have furnished alcohol to minors.  The most common complaints are brought under (Section 22 of Municipal Code of the City of Newark).  There can be landlord-tenant liability, disputes arising from interpersonal disagreements and alleged assault, and other matters for which legal counsel is required to intervene between students, faculty, and other residents. 

Another area students at the University of Delaware might find themselves at the other end of a police summons is for Driving Under the Influence.  Since the crime of DUI is a violation of State law, there are a number of concerns that extend beyond a student's academic career that arise when a student at UD is charged with DUI.  It is important that you consult with an experienced attorney about your rights and expectations if you or a loved one is charged with a crime or traffic offense at the University of Delaware.  

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