Kate is an experienced litigator in civil and criminal law as well as the area of appellate and post-conviction law.  Learn more about our practice areas below.

Civil Litigation

Appellate Law

Kate has expertise in handling criminal and civil appeals.  Kate will review trial documents and determine your best course for direct appeal and post-conviction appellate review.  Kate can handle appeals to the Delaware Supreme Court or the federal courts. 

Kate will handle your board appeals and determine whether the facts or law warrant reversal or remand.  Learn more about Appeals in the State of Delaware.

Civil Litigation

Kate is an experienced advocate on behalf of medical and mental health practitioners.  Kate can identify your liability concerns and eliminate unnecessary confusion and costs associated with litigating your malpractice claim.  Kate provides personal service tailored to the individual needs of your case.  Our mission is to create a strategy that minimizes the frustration and costs associated with mounting an effective legal defense.  

Kate is experienced in matters concerning institutional risk management, document production and retention, subpoenas, and employment concerns.

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